Services and Pricing

Here is a list of the services we offer and prices.


Battle Ready. Basic layers and a shade.

Basic Basing. A layer of any texture paint, sand or grass, your choice.

Battlefield Elite. Battle Ready with extra layers to make your models pop.

Commander. All models painted to our top standard with multiple highlights and advance techniques.

Tank Basic. Basic Layers and recess shading.

Tank Adv. Dry brushing and edge highlights taking your tank to the next level.


Infantry: Battle Ready with a basic basing.

25-32mm bases: £3.50

40-50mm bases: £4.50

60-80mm bases: £6

Jetbikes, Bikes, & Cavalry: Battle ready with a basic basing.

Flying stands: £4

60x35mm oval bases: £5

75x42mm oval bases: £6

90x52mm oval bases: £7

Small Vehicles, this includes walkers, buggies and speeders: Battle Ready with a basic basing.

Large Flying Stand: £8

60-80mm bases (Walkers/Hover): £9

120-150mm oval bases: £10

Others: £12.50

Medium Vehicles & Monstrous creatures, this covers Rhino, Chimera, Devilfish, wave-serpent and other similar sized vehicles. Tank Basic with basic basing where applicable.


Large Vehicles, the likes of Land Raiders, Battle Wagons etc. Tank Basic.

All vehicles: £30

Flyers. Tank Basic inc basic basing.

All Flyers: £35

Super Heavy- Tank Advanced as standard.

Knights: £60

Warhound Titan etc: £100

Reaver Titan etc: £120

Warlord Titan etc: £150

Characters, this covers any unit described as a character (not inc sergeants).

Elite Units: £8 painted to Battlefield Elite

HQ & Lord of War: £12 painted to Commander

Mounted Hero: £15-£40 painted to Commander

Construction. If you require us to build your army before painting we offer a build service which can be done to your or our specifications.

All Infantry: £2

Cavalry & Bikes: £4

Monstrous Creatures: £8

Walkers & Small Vehicles: £10

Medium Vehicles, Flyers & Large Vehicles: £15

Super Heavy: £35 to £60

Other Services.

Take your Battle Ready Monsters to Battlefield Elite for +£1.50 - £3.50 per model, size dependent.

Basing+ add extra detail to your bases with washes and dry brushing. £1-£5 per model, size dependent.

Custom Bases, £2.50 - £10, size dependent.

Conversions. Want a custom centre piece or commander, we can build you it this will be charge at parts required and time spent.

Buy & Paint. Want to save time? We'll buy directly to us and paint. This will be charged in two stages, cost of models which will be required up front in full and painting which we'll require 50% down.

Custom army advice. Can't decided how to paint your models? Unsure of what to get next? We offer a free consultation to help you get the army of your dreams.

Varnishing. Protect your models for 50p per infantry and £4 per larger model.

Donation and gifts: Check back in the future.

Thank you.